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Sun Soft® Pellets Solar Salt with Rust Buster®

Help your water softener keep the water in your home softer with Sun Soft water softener salts. Made from the natural waters of Utah's Great Salt Lake, and using the sun's clean solar energy, Sun Soft Solar Salt is 99.8% pure.

Our Sun Soft Pellets Solar Salt with Rust Buster product is for those who need the added advantage of preventing iron build-up in their water softener and home plumbing fixtures.

Sun Soft pellets efficiently help your water softener remove minerals that cause hard water. Hard water can shorten the life of appliances, create scale build-up that reduces water flow in plumbing, cause spots on dishes, and be harsher on hair and skin.  The added benefit of the powerful Rust Buster formula in this Sun Soft product helps prevent iron and rust discoloration on fixtures and clothing, while also helping to keep water softener units cleaner for optimal performance.